Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Facial Extravagance with EVE LOM

The other week I was lucky enough to try the gorgeously luxurious Eve Lom Signature Facial.  A facial like no other that uses contrasting temperatures of hot and cold alongside a unique massage technique to thoroughly cleanse, tone and awaken the skin. 

Starting with the iconic Cleanser, the facialist begins with a thorough cleanse. The warm slightly grainy cleanser is smoothly applied to the skin in soothing circular motions, it is then removed initially with a warm cloth followed by a cool one for final removal.  The next step is the application of a warm paraffin hot-wax mask, this is the most surreal sensation. Your face is enveloped in layer after layer of soft warm thick wax, creating a comforting cocoon of warmth surrounding your face. The heat of the wax opens pores and deeply softens the skin. It felt so amazing,  that I had to ask my therapist to take a photo of my face, so I could see what it looked like, which is not as exciting as it felt, all I could see was a thick white film on my face. This wax truly gives the most unique comforting sensation. Following removal of the mask, a gentle extraction takes place to renew the skin’s surface and unblock pores.   
The next step is a half hour of lymphatic drainage to clear blocked lymph channels and to encourage decongestion, with a heavenly acupressure massage to the upper body to clear away tension. Following this, Eve Lom’s camphor based Rescue Mask is applied and removed with a hot, chamomile soaked muslin cloth, gently exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells. The final step, an ice-cold compress, is applied to refresh and revitalise the skin.   

My face was left feeling ultra relaxed with silky smooth soft skin that looked radiant and felt fully cleansed. There was no sign of the earlier extractions, which is always a good sign. In short, this luxurious facial gives instant radiance that lasts whilst de-stressing the face and mind at the same time. Two weeks on and my skin is still revealing the benefits even post my hen weekend!  
Eve Lom Signature Facial from £115 (90 mins)


  1. Does the facial really make a visible difference in terms of clarity and tone of skin? I'm thinking of getting one.. Great review! thanks! xoxo