Friday, 17 June 2011

Spot the difference...

Suffering from blemish prone skin from my teens and still well into my twenties I know a thing or two about what works in the spot busting department.  Here are my favorites for breakouts.

Top Pick
Origins Spot Remover – Anti blemish treatment gel £10.00
This little miracle gel really does do what it says on the bottle, after dabbing on the problem area with a cotton bud it dries into the skin straight away making the blemish less prominent instantly, great while on the go as you can use it under or on top of make up. When used over night your spot will be literally be gone by the morning.

Key ingredients include: salicylic acid, oregano and clove
Available at:
Surprising discovery
Sudocrem – Antiseptic Healing Cream £2.80
Typically known as a nappy rash cream I was extremely surprised when a friend recommended this to me, but willing to give anything a try, I had a go and have not looked back. It feels extremely soothing when put onto the skin and works wonders on any redness, instantly calming irritations. If you feel a spot coming, dab it to the area and it will not develop. The only downside is that it is white, so noticeable when applied. Cheryl Cole is rumoured to be a fan!

Key ingredients: Zinc Oxide and Balsam of Peru 
Available at:

Natural choice
Nelsons – Pure & Clear Blemish Gel £8.39
I love the way this gel feels on my skin, it is so refreshing and smells good too, it soothes skin irritations and calms breakouts gently. This gel takes more time than the above to for results, but still visibly reduces spot size and redness and feels very healing.

Key ingredients include: Arnica, Tea Tree and Calendula
(Paraben and fragrance free)

For on the go
New Witch – Naturally Clear Blemish Pen £5.10
This is a great one for the handbag, as it is a pen and clear gel its easy to apply on the go, like Nelsons it takes longer to be effective, but stops spots developing and soothes straightaway.

Key ingredient:  Witch Hazel
Available at:

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  1. Origins spot remover. Has been updated to super spot remover. It really does what it says on the tin. A full convert.