Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sun Kissed

This fab new instant tan has saved me on two emergencies in the last few weeks, once when asked to attend a rather glam awards ceremony very last minute and the other when the usually trusty St Tropez didn’t live up to expectation on my pale pasty post winter skin.

What I love about it,  is the fact you gain an instant tan of which you can control the tone and depth on application. It gives your skin a lovely glowing golden bronze colour, that dries straight away, smells pleasant, doesn’t streak or rub off on clothes, yet it can never the less be washed off when ever you choose, leaving you in charge!  
KARORA’s Instant Tan is the only natural instant tan currently available in the UK market today. Thanks to its skin enriching organic ingredients that include jojoba, aloe, horse chestnut extract, sweet almond and grape seed oil, it can be used both on the body and face. Free from parabens, chemicals, artificial fragrances and dyes, it is most definitely the safest option out there come rain or shine for an immediate sun kiss.


£13.99 available at:

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