Monday, 28 May 2012

Beau - Nails on the go

After many colour investigations I  finally decided to go for gel nails on the wedding day, again it was hard finding the right colour, wanting a soft natural pink tone, I tried quite a few brands only to find  most colours far too yellow, white or pink. 

Someone recommended Beau by CND Shellac,  which was instantly a hit, a perfectly balanced soft  natural pink, with a promise of 14 day wear, mirror finish, zero dry time and no nail damage.  I have to say it lived up to most claims. I love the fact it dried then and there under the UV lights, no mess, fuss or worrying of smudging.  

The finish was supper smooth, glossy with a shiny fresh look, that would usually die within a day or two with normal polishes, but in this case lasted over 2 weeks. Towards the end of the second week and due to fast growing nails it was definitely time for removal, however being on the honeymoon in Cambodia with no acetone remover in sight, I was rather naughty and peeled them off, a big no no as this strips the surface of the nails leaving them slightly brittle and dry, however after a good dose of the nourishing Jessica Phenomen Oil, my nails are back to normal. I would definitely try Shellac again it is ideal for a fantastic finish when on this go.

The colour was a lovely soft subtle pink with tiny glistening particles that reflected the light beautifully. 

Beau week one: 

Beau towards the end of week two:

Applied @ Glo Beauty in Fulham £30

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