Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Facial Magic with Acupuncture

Rumoured to be a treatment popular with celebs such as Angelina, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, facial acupuncture is fast becoming a facial trend. I recently tried a treatment and was very impressed. Post treatment my face felt thoroughly invigorated and had a radiant glow.

Benefits: Cosmetic facial acupuncture helps the skin regenerate its natural tone as it stimulates collagen production and encourages healthy cell growth. It is relaxing and holistic alternative to more invasive treatments and claims to clear persistent spots/blemishes, reduce redness, lessens and fine lines. The main reason I tried it is to clear persistent spots around my jaw line and to also help prevent fine lines that are appearing across my forehead.

Procedure: Extra fine needles were gently placed on key points across my face as well as certain body organs such as the liver to aid detoxing. I was then told to relax for 15mins, during that time my face became warm and tingly the sensation was of blood rushing to my cheeks. Once the needles were removed my face was massaged quite deeply, to encourage circulation, this wasn’t a relaxing massage, but felt extremely invigorating.

Results: The whole procedure was relatively painless, I could feel a slight tingle here and there when the needles were being inserted and removed. My skin was glowing for a whole week afterwards and generally felt more plump and firm, my spots have been a lot better since, however I can’t notice much difference on my forehead yet.

A course of 6 treatments is usually recommended. I have already booked my next one and will keep you posted on how I am finding them.

Available by www.hannaevans.co.uk at http://www.fulhamosteopaths.co.uk - prices start from £65 for 45mins

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