Monday, 9 July 2012

When in Cambodia - Spa Number Two

On the last lap of our trip in Asia, we indulged ourselves in ultimate luxury at the gorgeous Song Saa private island. One of the first boutique resorts of its kind in Cambodia, this magnificent island is set in the beautiful sapphire waters just off the Gulf of Thailand. Surrounded by untouched islands with virgin rainforests, tropical reefs and glistening white beaches. This island truly is an unspoilt paradise, with a focus on conservation and luxury, it is somewhere you can unwind and indulge in peace, beauty and calm. The perfect end to a fantastic honeymoon. 

The Song Sa Sanctuary Spa is currently located in a hillside villa with view accross the ocean and green surrounds. In the near future there are plans to re-locate the spa within the rainforest canopy of the adjoining private island, creating treetop treatment rooms. 

On arrival at the island one is offered a reviving foot massage. At the spa you are greeted with a friendly welcome and given an incense stick to reflectively place next to a Buddha for a moment of calm. The Song Sa Sanctuary is based on the principals of stillness, healing and blessings, aiming to provide a sacred space for rejuvenation, embrassing the Buddist tradition of 'Metta Bhavana' - loving kindness.  

Later in the week I indulged in an Ananda Facial 60mins, using gorgeous all natural Ila products. This massage focused facial uses techniques derived from the Shaman women in Mexico, who work on marma points to open energy centres of the face, releasing a blissful flow of energy throughout the body. I have never had such a relaxing facial, the muscles of my face felt jawdroppingly chilled, in fact after this treatment, I had to take a little nap before dinner . I loved the fact that while the mask was applied your feet, legs, hands arms and neck are massaged giving your whole body a thorough pampering. 

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