Tuesday, 19 June 2012

When in Cambodia

On the honeymoon we came across two fabulous spa's in Cambodia, here are my experiences at the first.

While visiting the Angkor Wat temples we stayed at the amazingly calm and luxurious Heritage Suites hotel, tucked away in a courtyard of greenery removed from the bustle of busy Siem Reap. Nothing was more tempting after a long day trekking around the temples in 40 degree heat than a much needed top to toe 3 hour pampering session at its Bodia spa. 

This wonderful Relaxation 3 hour package included:
15min Steam
75min Bodia Classica Aromatherapy Massage
30min Salt Scrub
45min Vitamin Facial  
15min Hydrating and nourishing body treatment

Possibly one of my favourite spa packages experienced to date, as the whole sensory treatment was so tranquil and relaxing, not once did it feel rushed, in fact it felt longer than 3 hours. The massage pressure was adjusted to perfection, as was the room temperature, atmosphere with lit candles and the  beautiful scents, I actually fell asleep at points, which never usually happens to me. My skin felt amazingly soft and nourished and all aches and pains from travelling where eliminated.  The products used for this treatment are all organic and locally sourced ingredients, for example the Vitamin Facial uniquely included natural yogurt and freshly crushed mango. Walking into the spa you enter a courtyard full of green plants and water features, which instantly transport you into a sense of calm. To top it all off the value for this treatment was astounding, at a mear 105USD for 3 hours in heaven. 

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