Friday, 21 September 2012

High scents meet high street

I am very excited to hear that one of my favourite British perfumers Miller Harris have just launched their first ever collaboration. A bespoke range of male and female fragrances concocted by the one and only Lyn Harris have been unveiled at M&S beauty counters throughout the country this week.

Lyn Harris leading British perfumer and founder of renowned perfume house Miller Harris,  has developed a brand new range of 3 male and 3 female fragrances. Lyn Harris' signature style is defined by her love of naturals and her precision use of them in all her creations. This range is crafted from the finest blend of raw natural ingredients for the highest quality, to ensure that each scent evokes its true British heritage. With Miller Harris perfumes ranging from £62 for 50ml, the collection gives you the same authenticity and timeless scent at a snip of the price, as at M&S they retail at just £25 each!  
This project is something that I passionately believe in; to deliver unique fragrances that not only smell good but have true authenticity - Marks and Spencer is part of all of our heritage and being brought up in Yorkshire, it was a little piece of luxury and so, for me. I have always wanted to touch more people with my creations so, working with Marks & Spencer gives me this pleasure and opportunity. After my extensive training in France with some of the greatest masters in perfumery, I feel as though it is my duty to share my expertise with the great British public by creating inspiring and quality fragrances.” Lyn Harris 

For Her:
La RoseLa Fleur and my definite favourite La Poudrée -  A oriental classic scent made with an exquisite blend of fruity notes that include raspberry and peach nectar as well as floral notes such as soft rose, orange flower, iris, vanilla and musk. 
For Him:
Le Noir, Le Sauvage  and my top pick for him Le Cologne - A Fresh and vibrant citrus fragrance with Bergamot from Sicily, lemon, orange from Seville, French rosemary and thyme on a base of vetiver and amber. 

 Available at Marks & Spencer - £25 for 50ml 

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