Wednesday, 8 August 2012

La creme de la creme

On turning 30, I have recently treated myself to perhaps the most extravagant product I have ever purchased, however it has definitely been worth it... 

Through hearing endless praises on Sisley's Intensive Night Cream it is something I have been wanting to try for a while. This iconic regenerating cream is designed to preserve the skin's suppleness, softness and firmness, prevent the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles and restore a fresh youthful-looking glow. I have to say it seems to be true to all of the above, I have been using this night cream for over a month now and when ever I apply it before going to bed I wake up with a glowing, hydrated complexion with fine lines looking a lot less prominent, I have also noticed that if I forget to use if for a few days such as weekend away, my skin loses its glow and suppleness, so it is definitely something you need to use every night for full effect. 

Formulated with botanical extracts  specifically selected for their potent softening, regenerating and strengthening benefits the Intesive Night Cream works on all skin types with key active ingredients that include:  

  • Aloe Vera:moisturizes - encourages healing
  • Calendula - softens
  • Chamomile - decongests and calms
  • Sea Rocket - fights dandruffs and oiliness
  • Ginseng - revitalizes and regenerates
  • Lily (white) - moisturizes and softens
  • St John's Wort (Hypericum) -  protects
  • Tomato - stimulates and revitalizes

Directions for Use:
Apply at night to thoroughly cleansed skin.

Top tip:  
On purchasing my treat at Harrods I was told that if I purchased two Sisley products I would receive a complimentary Sisley facial, so I brought my husband his favourite men's cream (surprisingly he started using Sisley before me!) and got myself a sumptuous full hour facial!  You have to have the facial on the same day as the purchase, but is was definitely a must. I left Harrods relaxed and glowing and put off further shopping for the day...  

£192 available at:

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