Saturday, 4 February 2012

Facial Radiance

Three of my friends, who to be fair have amazing skin, have been raving about Linda Meredith facials for months now and with devoted clients that include Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosamund Pike, they must be right. So with the big day fast approaching and radiant skin in demand, I decided to give it a whirl.

I had my first Haute Couture Facial last week and was extremely impressed at how thorough and knowledgable my therapist was, she fully analyzed my face spotting issues I was concerned with before I even opened my mouth. One shocking revelation was that the regular spots I get around my neck, which never seem to go away are  linked to a diary allergy, since my facial I have significantly reduced my diary intake and low and behold have noticed a big difference already. Yay!

The Haute Couture Facial is tailored to meet every individual’s requirements. It starts with an impressive analysis, deep cleanse followed by the application of unique double action Micro Glycolic Serums, designed to penetrate deep into the epidermal layers with anti bacterial properties that not only remove dead skin but work under the surface to dissolve excess dirt and trapped sebum. The serum is applied with gauze and worked into the skin in circular movements. This was followed by an extremely thorough extraction, a soothing mask and gorgeously relaxing facial massage.

I was slightly concerned after the facial as my skin appeared bit raised in places and a slightly red, but overnight this went down leaving a lovely glow. Since the treatment I have noticed that my skin appears a lot more smooth, pores seem to be smaller too and touch wood, I have had a less breakouts already. I have further facials booked over the next few months so will keep you posted, next in line is the Linda Meredith O2 an oxygen-regenerating facial. 
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