Saturday, 7 January 2012

Spring Clean Skin

There’s nothing like clay based mask to deeply cleanse, decongest and refine post festive skin.  Renowned to draw out dirt and impurities, clay allows skin to breath. Used just once a week within your skin care routine or twice in emergencies, your skin is left smooth, soft and toned. These highly effective masks will transform sluggish lack of luster into healthy radiance.

                                          Top picks: 
  • Eve Lom Rescue Mask £50 100ml - This highly effective mask, is an instant deep emergency treat, for sluggish and stressed skin. A staple SOS, I could not live without.  Key ingredients of cooling camphor decongests, whilst almond extract reduces redness. Kaolin absorbs excess oil, reduces puffiness and ground almonds gently exfoliate for a smoother complexion.
Top tip:
‘You can also use the Rescue Mask as an instant pick-me-up for puffy, morning-after or jet-lagged eyes: just dilute with a little water, apply under the eye, leave for five minutes and gently remove with a damp cotton pad.’ Eve Lom

  • Aromatherapy Associates Deep Cleanse Mask £32 100ml - Containing natural antiseptic ingredients and minerals to draw out oiliness and unblock pores.  I find this mask extremely revitalizing and love the cool, smooth texture, that leaves your skin silky soft when removed. Key ingredients of anti-bacterial lavender and ginger are combined with natural clay and mud to absorb excess oils and replenish vital minerals. 

  • Caudalie Purifing Mask £18 50ml - Composed of 2 types of clay, to purify cleanse and absorb impurities. I  have found this mask extremely soothing on irritated skin. Unlike many clay masks it doesn’t seem to dry, which means your skin feels a lot less re-stricted and tight.  Key ingredients of clay (kaolin and bentonite), cypress, lavender, chamomile, zinc and  flaxseed, cleanse and strengthen pores while regulating sebum production. 

I have used two of these masks for years and more recently discovered Caudalie's.  There's a space for all 3 in my cupboard, as they work in harmony with each other depending on my skin's need. When it is irritated and lacking luster I find the Caudalie Purifying Mask works best to calm and reduce tiredness, when my skin has break outs and looks tired, Eve Lom’s Rescue Mask works best to stop pimples in there track, instantly boosting my complexion and for a soothed smoothed skin, Aromatherapy Associates Deep Cleanse Mask is always a must. 

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