Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My Winter Skin Hero

Between heated rooms and the cold outside my skin has been showing the strain, the office heaters blasting dry air into the room doesn't help. As one of my favourite products I usually use Caudalie's     Elixir in the summer for a cooling spritz to refresh, after cleansing to tone and in flights to hydrate. However since last week it has officially become my winter skin saviour too, taking prime position           on my desk. Whenever my skin starts to feel tight and dry I spritz it with this refreshing light mist for instant relief. I wouldn't say my skin is by any means radiant yet, but it is definitely looking less drab,         has a  healthy glow and feels more supple. 

This gorgeous plant based product is proven to smooth features, tighten pores, soothe skin, set make up and provide an instant burst of radiance. 

Key active ingredients:
• Grape extracts - radiance 
• Rose extracts - Toning
• Benzoin, myrrh, essential oil 
of organic mint balm - Astringent
•Essential oil of rosemary – Rejuvenating
•Orange blossom water - Softening 

Make up artist Louise Page swears by it 'I find nothing revives complexions better. This product works wonders as part of your skincare routine, small enough to carry in your handbag it offers an effective quick fix to achieve an instant glow even when sprayed over make-up. All in all it is an amazingly light spray that lifts the complexion and adds new life to make up.’
Available in two sizes 30ml £11 and 100ml £32 at John Lewis

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