Sunday, 20 November 2011

All the way from Azerbaijan

I have just discovered a new brand to the UK called Gazelli. All the way from Azerbaijan Gazelli uses a thousand year old ingredient unique to Azerbaijan called White Healing Oil . This oil is formed through centuries in the deep layers of the earth, beneath the plains of Naftalan. Possessing qualities that have been recognized for centuries in medicine. The oil contains a high concentration of physiologically active components, which are shown to increase the metabolic processes at the cellular level, improving the skins ability to regenerate itself and absorb nutrients and oxygen. Gazelli’s innovative new Triple Youth range is designed to nourish, rejuvenate and repair the skin. 

I have tried the Saviour Mask £25, which felt really soothing when applied to the skin leaving  it hydrated supple and soft, perfect for this season to calm winter ravaged skin. I also really like the Firming Serum £62, a highly concentrated anti age formula full of natural anti oxidants, Lipic Acid and DMAE to tone and plump the skin. After just one use my skin definitely felt firmer at the same time as smooth and soft. It has the most amazing musk like scent and is really silky to apply. As this serum is so nourishing it can also be used as night treatment.

The first thing that captured my attention was Gazelli's gorgeous packaging, so pretty! Each product has it very own little poem within the lid of the box, as you open it you presented with beautiful words such as 'Know that the miracle of thy beauty eraptures my soul, As though the beauty of the whole world is your own' Nizami X11c Available at

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