Monday, 11 July 2011

The Hot Cloth Cleanse off - 3 on Trial

Nothing feels more satisfying after a hot sticky day than a hot cloth cleanse off to melt away all that grime and make up. These little wonders open the pores to achieve a thorough deep cleanse, giving you an invigorating mini facial experience.

Top Pick: 
Eve Lom Cleanser 50ml £30 / 100ml £50

Celebrating 25 years, this cleanser well and truly earns its place as the original hot cloth cleanser. Although the oily texture initially worried me due to having an oily skin, this is by far the most effective cleanser I have used in a while. With this little ritual in a tub you can easily forget your evening cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisture routine as the Eve Lom Cleanser has it covered in just one go. Suitable for all skin types, key ingredients of clove oil encourage clear skin, eucalyptus oil decongests, hop oil tones, Egyptian chamomile calms/soothes and cocoa butter gives moisture. The specially woven cotton muslin cloth acts as an exfoliater removing dead skin cells and you also get a 7 step massage guide to totally invigorate you face. After my first trial I was left with a soft clean glowing complexion, no oil in sight.  The only negative is the price, but think of all the money you will save on your evening beauty routine, time to declutter those shelves…

A Natural Choice: 
Liz Earl Cleanses & Polish £13.25 – 100ml

The gorgeous smell of this cleanser instantly feels invigorating, it has a lovely rich creamy texture, that feels extremely soothing when applied to the face. Mineral oil and paraben free makes it suitable for any skin type even those suffering from irritations such as eczema. The natural key ingredients are very similar to Eve Lom with added rosemary, almond milk and beeswax to provide a soothing and calming cleanse and polish.
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Amazing Value: 
The Sanctuary Perfectly Polished Hot Cloth Cleanser £10.20 -125 ml

Great value for such an effective cleanser, it has a lighter texture than all the others making it exceptionally smooth to apply. With very similar nourishing key ingredients to the two above it leaves your skin feeling supper soft and smooth.

The Squeaky Clean Test
A little test on how much make up/grime was wiped away, this involved going over my face with a normal cleanser with cotton wool after each cleanse.

 Eve Lom Cleanser:  no visible grime left on face, the perfect thorough cleanse and more… 10/10
Liz Earl Cleanses & Polish: some visible traces of make up, however face felt fresh and smooth. 8/10
The Sanctuary Perfectly Polished: minimal traces of make up, impressive clean at a good price. 9/10
How to use: 
Out of the 3 guides I found the below by the Sanctuary the simplest and most effective to follow: 
1. Place the cloth in hot water, wring out and lay over the face to open pores.
2. Gently massage the creamy cleanser over the face and neck using circular movements.
3. Carefully polish off the cleanser using the warm cloth, be gentle around the delicate eye area.
4. Rinse cloth in cold water, and place over face for 30 seconds to close pores.

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